Elegant Club Management For Ease Of Mind

Mokuso manages your Martial Arts club with ease.

Simplifying your management and payment headaches, whilst boosting student retention and helping new students find your club.

Empowering your students to manage their membersip plans , class attendance, syllabus progress, grading and more.

All with no sign-up fees!

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  • Let Your Students Manage Their Membership
  • Setup Your Club With Ease
  • No Setup Costs, Pay For What You Use
  • Available On Mobile, Tablet And Web

Everything You Need To Manage Your Club

Except The Kitchen Sink


Setup syllabus content for your students to follow and track their progress.

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Track when students are ready for grading.

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Easily setup class schedules, letting students manage which classes they attend.

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Configure multiple membership plans to offer your members.

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Setup one off and special events which members can book, with optional additional fees.

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Easily track class attendance.

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Customise membership plans and take multiple types of payments, directly to you.

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Keep your members upto date and communicate with them easily.

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We're here to help you make Mokuso work for you.

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One Easy Price

No Setup Fees Or Hidden Costs


Manage Your Club, Everything Included!
  • 2% Per Transaction
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Class Scheduling
  • Syllabus Content
  • Grading Book
  • Customisable Membership Plans
  • Collect Recurring Payments
  • Bring Your Own Payment Provider
  • Message Your Students
  • One Off and Grading Events
  • Track Attendance
  • Self Service Admin Console
  • No Setup Cost, Get Started For Free
  • Monthly Contract

We only have one pricing plan, which has no setup costs, only paying for what you use. We don't limit which features you can or cannot use, you get access to everything.

We don't stand between you and your income. Our platform does not directly take payments, instead we integrate with your payment provider.

You can get started for free, without any risk. Feel free to register and get your club up and running.

Try The Mokuso Demo

Try out Mokuso with our Karate Demo.

This will let you use the app as if your were a student, as well as see how to manage a club.

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